3 Tools To Help Adolescents Manage Emotions, Stress, and Anxiety

3 Tools To Help Adolescents Manage Emotions, Stress, and Anxiety

3 simple & effective tools to help adolescents

Our adolescents urgently need our help with their mental and emotional health.

Many are suffering from accumulative stress, and high anxiety,  and overwhelm and have little to no resources to cope.

So, join us for this masterclass to learn 3 simple & effective tools to help adolescents (12-25 years) manage emotions, un-stress, and reduce anxiety.

Whether you coach the adolescent age group or have adolescents in your life, the 3 tools Sam will teach you in this master class will be extremely valuable.

With increasing suicide rates and the rise of unhelpful coping behaviours such as self-harm, drug and alcohol use, and avoidance, we as coaches have an opportunity to broaden our skill sets to learn more about our adolescents’ mental and emotional well-being needs, so we’re more equipped to help them build connections, achieve goals and thrive in life.

In this 1-hour master class, Sam will take you on a journey to reduce your stress as she teaches 3 of the wellbeing techniques her adolescent client’s LOVE!

“When we experience what we ask others to do we become more authentic coaches. And I can tell you first-hand, teenagers and young adults will trust you more if you walk the talk.” says Sam.

You will receive a worksheet for each technique, a free meditation and there will be plenty of time for Q&A at the end.


Join us live online on Thursday 16th February  2023 at 7.00pm  to learn more about these 3 simple and effective tools.

This masterclass is FREE to members of ANZCAL. For non-members the costs is just $30.

To register, complete the form below and we will send you the details on joining us online.

About Your Presenter

Samantha Hannah

Samantha Hannah – Wellbeing coach and Ayurveda health counsellor.

Sam is the founder of Samantha Hannah Wellbeing Academy and is accredited at ANZCAL Master Coach level.

She has been working with adolescents (12-24 years) for over 10 years in classrooms as a well-being teacher, in her private practice as a well-being coach, at Massey University as their Wellbeing Advisor and in the sports arena as a high-performance netball coach and Wellington Netball’s youth development. I’m also a Mum of two teenage daughters.

Sam understands how challenging teaching, coaching and raising adolescents can be. But more importantly, she knows first-hand the mental and emotional health and well-being issues our adolescents face today, and how to help them.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching, Post Grad Cert. Communication (oral and written) with Excellence.

She is a certified Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Coach (specialised training in adolescents, anxiety and depression),  Advanced Level 2 Giant Mind meditation teacher, certified and registered yoga teacher, certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness teacher and Ayurveda health counsellor.

When not deep in meditation or practising yoga, you’re most likely to find her somewhere in nature, head in a book learning something new or with friends/family laughing lots while sharing herbal tea or a Pinot Noir.