9 Simple Tips To Get Started On Marketing Your Coaching Business Today 

9 Simple Tips To Get Started On Marketing Your Coaching Business Today 

By Paul Walmsley

9 Simple Tips To Marketing Your Business

Started your own business?  Struggling getting started marketing you and your coaching business?  Well you are not alone.

I know how hard it can be to decide where to focus your marketing efforts. The mixed emotions. Excited being in control of your own livelihood.  Whilst dealing with anxiety and agony of finding your first or next client.

In this article I’ll share with you my top 9 tips on getting started marketing your business.

1. Know your client

Who is your ideal client? If you don’t know, how you can market your business to them? Make this your number one priority.

How do you work out who is the ideal client?

Market Your Business To The Right Client

Well meet John. He’s 45, married with two children and works as a personal banker in Auckland.

He’s not a real person but let’s say he represents your ideal client.

This is the start of building your client persona(s), using standard demographics such as age, gender, location and profession.  Now let’s build on this.

Step into John’s world.  What are his challenges and pain points? What are his dreams and goals in life and work?  Answer these and it will help you understand what will motivate him to choose your services or products.

How do you find these answers?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Social media: people use it as an opportunity to share their successes, knowledge and complain about their problems.

Go to your social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc… and search for your client persona/target audience. Discover what they like or dislike about your type of services or products.

Consider joining relevant groups and get into the minds of your clients. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll get to know what they really want from you.

It’s a great place to see what your competitors are doing as well!

Capture some of the key phrases and statements they are using and use them when writing about your service or product.

  • Review Sites: check out reviews on sites like Amazon or search Google for reviews on services or products like yours.
  • Talk to people: Find out from your friends, family and colleagues what’s going on in their world and what help they need.

I’ve created a template to help you capture your client personas. This is available to ANZCAL Members on the  resources web page.

2. Creating YOUR 1-minute elevator pitch

 What do you say when somebody asks you what you do for a living?

You don’t have long to get across why you do what you do, how you do what you do and finally what you do.  Indeed, the name ‘elevator pitch’ reflects the idea you should be able to achieve this in the time an elevator ride takes, approximately 30-60 seconds.

Work on perfecting this pitch and use it whenever possible with new people you meet or online when introducing yourself.

3. Leveraging your Contacts and Networks

Leverage Your Contacts and Networks to Market Your Coaching Business

 It’s easy to forget you already have many contacts and networks to use.  Just open your contacts list up on your phone. How many friends, family and colleagues do you have in there? What about your Email, Facebook, LinkedIn etc…? Don’t be afraid of reaching out to them. You never know where a conversation may lead.

 4. Collaboration with other businesses

 What other business types could you collaborate with? Pick ones that complement and don’t compete with your services or products? For example, if you are a Life Coach perhaps collaborating with a Hypnotherapist and promoting each other’s business through your networks.

 5. Getting Referrals and Testimonials

 Always ask for a testimonial/feedback from a client and permission to use it. And whilst doing this ask if they would refer anybody to you. Do the same with your networks.

6. Give Your Services and Products Away

 Consider offering a short, no obligation, FREE coaching session. If nothing else, it will build your confidence and may get you closer to understanding the world of your ideal client(s).

7. Use of Vouchers or Coupons

 Creating vouchers or coupons with your contact details, elevator pitch and some form of discount can work too.  See if any of your contacts and networks are interested in using or sharing them wider for you.

 8. Get an Online Business Profile

Google Business Profile to Market Your Coaching Business

You can get your business known with a FREE Google Business Profile. It will appear to people who are searching for your business or a business like yours doing Google Search or using Google maps. To setup your profile right now click here.

9. Website and Professional Email

Get yourself a website. You can get a simple one for FREE through your Google Business Profile. Or perhaps you  would prefer to pay for something a little more powerful,  easy to customise  and maintain the content yourself. Examples of paid website providers are  Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

Want to look professional in your communications and online? Then swap that free email address for a professional one.

Next steps – Take Some Action

Make the best use of your time by taking some action today! Which of these tips will you implement today?

If you haven’t done Tip 1 and 2 already, I’d recommend you start there first.

And finally, put yourself a marketing plan together with clear actions and target completion dates.

Social Media Marketing

What, no tip about Social Media for Marketing?

Well that is an entire subject on its own, so look out for an  article on it  in a future newsletter!

In the meantime, I would love to hear about your tips for marketing yourself and your business. Feel free to leave a comment below or post them on ANZCAL’s Facebook page.

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Paul Walmsley - ANZCAL Co-founder and DirectorPaul Walmsley is an experienced I.T Consultant, author and part time University lecturer. During his many years working in large corporate organisations in the UK and New Zealand he has coached or mentored many individuals and teams and continues to do so now he is self-employed.  He is also a Director of Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance.