Auckland Networking 2021

Special Auckland Networking Event

Join us at Auckland Rose Park Hotel from 5.30pm on Thursday 12th August for  a fun and entertaining ANZCAL Coaches  Mix n Mingle  evening, where you can enjoy chatting to like minded people over some light refreshments and later  listen to our two guest speakers, Gail Reichert and Dr Suzanne Henwood.

Read on for more details on their talks and to register.

The Emotional Culture Deck  

Gail Reichert Principal Consultant I Leader’s Edge
Gail Reichert

Get introduced to the Emotional Culture Deck during this talk with Gail.

See this beautifully structured card-based tool for facilitating meaningful discussions about emotions in both personal and business environments.

Get hands-on with this simple card game that helps people identify and label their emotions, which is the first step in being able to self-regulate – a key aspect of emotional intelligence.

Hear about how the game has been used in personal and business coaching, training, team building and family settings

Gail Reichert is a Certified Consultant with The Emotional Culture Deck. She has lots of experience working both with one-to-one coaching clients and with facilitating leadership programmes in organisations.

Using Breath to Enhance Coaching

Dr Suzanne Henwood
Dr Suzanne Henwood

It is reported that 90% of people breath sub-optimally. And many authors and trainers are now promoting the incorporation of breathing into coaching to enhance results and to tap into well being.

Unfortunately – many coaches are taught a single technique (for example box breathing), and then get stumped when the client does not respond as expected and without having sufficient underpinning knowledge to tailor the breathing tools to the client in that moment.

For this session, we will explore some of the anatomy, physiology and neurology of breathing, so you can have a solid foundation from which to suggest changing breathing patterns with clients. We will explore what optimal breathing looks like and how we assess that, as well as sharing some simple tools to encourage clients to work with their breath more deliberately.

Come and join me for a deconstruction of breathing, for your own deeper understanding, and to acquire some tools to use with your clients.


Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch with more details. It’s  just $20 for ANZCAL members and $35 for non-members .