Become an Effective Parenting Coach

Become an Effective Parenting Coach

Online Masterclass – 7pm, Thursday 3rd August 2023

Parenting Coach

Parents sometimes feel unappreciated and used, like an ‘unpaid servant and banker’.

Help your clients to parent with ‘mana’, allowing them to love and effectively lead their kids towards independence!

Parenting has never been a tougher gig! Outside influences are undermining parents’ leadership and threatening family bonds.

As a coach, you can help parents identify and find solutions to the real issues, so they can build stronger families where children feel safe, loved, and able to mature.

In this masterclass you will discover how to:

  • Establish family values that provide purpose, hope, and security.
  • Identify soft (weak) spots, sore (irritations) spots and hot (conflict) spots that weaken relationships.
  • Implement strategies to reduce and resolve conflict.
  • Develop systems and routines that encourage and enhance harmonious living.
  • Facilitate deeper and more loving relationships.


Join us live online on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at 7.00 pm to learn more.

This masterclass is FREE to members of ANZCAL.

For non-members the cost is just $30.  (Please make payment to the ANZCAL Bank Account 06-0193-0755142-00)

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About Your Presenter

Yvonne Godfrey

Yvonne Godfrey- ANZCAL Master Coach

Yvonne is a speaker, 3 times-published author and the founder of MIOMO (Making it on my Own) the Independence Program for Youth 16+.

Yvonne was featured on the reality TV show, The Worlds Strictest Parents, where her episode has now had around 20 million views.

Her passion however is not being in the media, but rather coaching families to help them resolve issues and develop stronger bonds.

When not coaching, Yvonne can be found hiking in the Sticky Forest or on a Pickle Ball court in Wanaka with her husband Simon.