Coaching Mix and Mingle Wellington

Special  Networking Event 

Networking with like minded people

Join us for our next awesome Mix n Mingle evening. Enjoy light refreshments,whilst chatting with like minded people. And later, listen to our two very special guest speakers.
The event is at the Capital Gateway Motor Inn in Wellington from 5.30pm on Tuesday 20th Aug.
Read on for more details and to register.

How To Build An Engaging Brand

Kaylee Butters
Kaylee Butters

During Kaylee’s talk YOU  learn the basics of  branding yourself and your business.  

Kaylee with help guide YOU  to answer these important  questions: 

      • How do you define  who you are?
      • Who are your audience?
      • How and where do you engage my  audience?

Being able to answers  these questions will make sure you make the best use of your marketing dollars.

Taming The Noise In Our Head

An expert in the matters of the mind, Samantha shares her wisdom, research and stories of how mindfulness can help us tame the noise in our head, set us up for success and break cycles of unhelpful behaviour.

See Sam demonstrate a fast and very effective mindfulness-based defusion technique that YOU can use in your coaching practice to help your clients who may be triggered and/or hooked by their story.