Coaching Spirtually

Coaching Spiritually

By Ginny Jones

Coaching Spiritually

I really had to think about this as coaching in a spiritual way comes so naturally to me, I have been doing this work for many years.

It is similar to what is classed as conventional coaching, in the way that you guide someone by asking certain questions and prompting them to find their own answers only with adding a more spiritually based twist on things.

As the practitioner I can tune in and use my intuition and feel into their energy field. Sometimes I do an emotional scan of the client and often this results in me being given insights into what may be the root cause of the problem.  Frequently something from their childhood is shown to me, a time where a block or emotional trauma was placed into the psyche by an event.  This can often be a part of the cause of the block that the client is feeling today or in the session.

Regularly in the beginning of a session, once we have discussed what the problem could be, I take the client through a guided relaxation technique, where the client breathes the unconditional love of the universe fully into every cell of the body; this immediately makes the client feel relaxed and calm.

Depending on the client and their belief system, I am often called to use my cards. Having the visual reference and my explanation of the cards that are drawn often helps the client to see more in-depth what could be causing the block about moving forward in life.  It also offers guided suggestions of ways to move forward utilising spiritual practices, affirmations, the suggestion of certain guided meditations, cosmic and universal higher consciousness techniques and, the client knowing that they have a team of guides in spirit who can assist in whatever area they need – even down to the Parking Angel.  You can ask for assistance with any task; if it is for your highest good it will be granted all in divine timing.

Sometimes, I will help the client to change their belief system that might be blocking their progress in life.  Sometimes their chakras and energy field just need to be re-aligned, as it is just as important to have all the physical, emotional, soul, mind and subconscious mind in full alignment.  It is the whole package that is important.

The mind and subconscious mind plays a big part in how people feel about themselves, as coaches you know this.  Self-belief is huge in helping someone to move forward in life; sometimes it shows the client how their own belief and fear of something, guiding them with questions, is all it takes to help them to see where they have been hard on themselves with this belief and that it is now ok to change the pattern.  Because of this I often encourage mirror work at home.  This is where the client stands in front of the mirror and tells themselves positive affirmations or positive sentences about self-love; this is very powerful for someone who has very low self-esteem or has self-belief issues.

The bottom line is, it all comes down to how much the client loves and honours themselves.  As coaches we can help any person to believe and see who they truly are, under all of the scars, the events and limiting beliefs; the soul expression of themselves in true essence. It can take several sessions and sometimes it takes only one session.

The most important thing is that the client leaves the session feeling positive, confident and empowered to make the changes that they may need.

Keep up the good work, for together we are helping to change the world.

Much Love,

Ginny Jones

GinnyJonesGinny is a natural born Psychic. Ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy.  She has trained as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive, Transformation Life Coach, Hypno-Abundance Practitioner, Visionary and is a Quantum Traveller. She works in the Intuitive Educational Fields Nationally & Internationally.

 Ginny was noted in and featured on the cover of 2016 UNITED STATES BEST, MOST HONEST AND MOST POPULAR PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS AND LIGHTWORKERS. Volume I published by Times Square Press New York.

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