Events and Training

Events and Training

Are you a  coach looking for professional development? Or perhaps you are looking for personal development?  Either way one of ANZCAL’s workshops or networking events may be just what you need.  Read on for details of our upcoming events in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Events and Training - For Professional and Personal Development

Upcoming Events


Online Mentoring Session – Monday 9th May @6.15pm

You can always use a helping hand!
Interested in attending an ANZCAL online mentoring session? But not sure what to expect?

Well this is what some of the previous attendees had to say :

“Thanks so much for organising such a useful webinar. It was 100% motivating and relevant. Plus I loved the opportunity to connect with other life coaches.”
– Melanie

“I found the session resourceful. I enjoyed the interaction and  found questions posed by fellow coaches, very insightful and especially pausing before asking or answering a question. “
– Rex

“I found it really interesting and would like another one. The ideas I got for my issues was helpful and it was good to meet other people who were doing the same thing.”
– Lynda

So why not join us for the next mentoring session led by Coach, Counsellor and Mentor Helen Yerex, supported by Christine and Paul.

Click here to find out more and to register.

Past Events

6 Techniques to Build Resilience and Cultivate Mental Wellbeing

Our Mental Minds

Did you know, there are simple tools that can help you and your clients boost mental wellbeing, build resilience and lower the risk of developing mental health problems?

Do you have them in your toolkit? No!. Well join us online online on Monday 11th April at 6.15pm to find out more and add them to your toolkit.

mBIT Coach Certification Course  24 – 27 February 2022

As coaches we are always working on developing ourselves and the skills and experience we can can bring to coaching sessions with clients.

But, this isn’t just for Coaches either! Business people, personal development – anyone who wants to make 2022 and beyond amazing.

So, do you want to:

🍉 Take your communication / coaching ability to another level

🍉 Help your clients work through their internal conflicts between thoughts, feelings and action?

🍉 Learn how to work with debilitating emotions such as frustration and anger?

🍉 Learn ways to stop overthinking and start moving.

🍉Learn mBraining from the best with the international leader in mBraining, Dr Suzanne Henwood, and mBit Master Coach and Trainer Christine Walter.

🍉 And so much more….

Then becoming an mBIT coach is the professional development for you.

Auckland Mix n Mingle Networking Event – Thursday 12 August 

People at Networking EventWant to meet like minded people and hear great speakers?

We thought so too.

Join us at Auckland Rose Park Hotel  from 5.30pm on Thursday 12th August for a fun and entertaining ANZCAL Coaches  Mix n Mingle  evening.

Enjoy chatting to like minded people over nibbles, refreshments and later  listen to our two great guest speakers:

  • Gail Reichert – introducing the Emotional Culture Deck tool and how it can be used in coaching and with teams.
  • Dr Suzanne Henwood – discussing Utilising Breath to Enhance Coaching

Members and non members welcome so spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

An Introduction to NLP – Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd August 

Who it is for

This is a live online two day introduction to  NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

After a brief introduction to what NLP  is/isn’t learn through a series of presentations and practical exercises:

🍉 How to use, through understanding, the  conscious and unconscious mind

🍉How to alter the perceptions of your life through NLP Presuppositions

🍉How to know your outcome and  achieve your desired goals

🍉 New and improved communication skills, including rapport building, tonality, sensory acuity, pacing and leading

🍉 Alphabet Edit and Anchoring techniques

🍉And much more…

This is what some attendees had to say about the course:

“Amazing course and amazing people! Even on a sunny weekend…..nothing I’d rather do! :)”
-Gabi Gubser

I found the online introduction to NLP course run by Paul and Christine very engaging and also extremely well run and informative. The course is fast moving and entertaining and i would encourage anyone who is a life coach
Hypnotherapist or similar and has an interest in NLP to do this course.

-Chris Kentsley

Online Mentoring Session – 3rd March 2021 @6.15pm

You can always use a helping hand!
Interested in attending an ANZCAL online mentoring session? But not sure what to expect?


mBIT Coach Certification Training – 19th-22nd March 2021


🍉 Take your communication / coaching ability to another level

🍉 Help your clients work through their internal conflicts between thoughts, feelings and action?

🍉 Learn how to work with debilitating emotions such as frustration and anger?

🍉 Learn ways to stop overthinking and start moving.

🍉 And so much more….

Habitually Fixed!!  – Thursday 4th February 2021 @6.15pm

Join us for this FREE live online class  and:

🍉 Hear more about the research behind habits – myths, tips, tools, techniques.

🍉 Learn about the impact of personality and environment and how you can re-train your brain to become your accomplice.

🍉 Look at your existing routines, reflect what helps and what hinders your journey towards change.

🍉 Create your future through the power of atomic change – one small step at a time.

Wellington Informal Mix and Mingle – November 12th 2020

Mix and Mingle

ANZCAL Informal Mix and Mingle with ANZCAL’s Jordan Shearer Grimmett this Thursday 12th November, 6pm -8pm. See you there at  Mac’s Brew Bar, 4 Taranaki Street.

Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life – October 6th 2020

Mental Wellbeing

Ever tried to get rid of your Thoughts and Feelings? 

Or, what above avoiding them? 


So, join us for an Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). A scientifically based psychotherapeutic modality in behavioral and cognitive therapy.

Online Mentoring Session – September 7th 2020 

You can always use a helping hand!
Another successful Online Mentoring with a small group of ANZCAL accredited coaches.



Gender Differences in Body Language –  August 27th 2020  

What are they not saying

🍉 Are you the only female in a bunch of boys  or vice versa?

🍉 Working or living in a testosterone laden environment?

🍉 Would you like to understand men’s body language more, and comprehend the emotion it links to?

🍉 Understand what women really mean – the subtle nuances of facial expressions and the ins and outs of body language?  Find out more and register TODAY!

Make Your Life More Meaningful – July 22nd 2020

Iikigai - a reason for being
IKIGAI – make your life more meaningful’
🍉 Who am I?
🍉 What am I meant to be?
🍉 And to do?
🍉 What makes me happy?
🍉 What is most important?Life is full of big questions. Answers don’t always come easy.

The Japanese concept of IKIGAI provides a helpful framework to explore and find your answers.

Awaken your passion, align your purpose and priorities to add more relevance to your life.

Body Language Masterclass – May 2020

Body Language“It’s not the words that you use but your nonverbal cues or “body language” that speak the loudest”

Want to improve your communication skills?

Of course you do.

This was a live online masterclass.


Online Master Class – March 2020

Dealing with Emotions and Emotional Clients

Join us online to find out how to ‘Deal With Emotions And Emotional Clients’.

Find out more

Professional Development – Auckland 2019

Whats Your Work/Life Balance Like?Want Greater Well-being? Reduced Stress and better work/life balance?

Then this Mindfulness and Mediation Workshop may just be what you need for you or your clients!

Find out more

Special Networking Event  – Auckland 2019

Julie Raine - SpeakerJoin us for our next Mix and Mingle Networking event, with special guest speakers Meridee Walter and Julie Raine.

Find out more.

Online Master Class – October 2019

3 Keys to creating successful outcomes with Meredith McCarthyJoin us online to find out the 3 keys to understanding how you can shift your anxiety story, through hypnotic conversation, body language and breath work.

Professional Development – Wellington  2019

Professional and Personal Development Wellington - Core Values and Questioning Are you or someone you know looking for fulfillment and purpose but  perhaps they don’t know how to find motivation?

What about a person who believes they are motivated? But the goal they are pursuing is empty of fulfillment and purpose.

Not achieving is not an accident.  People are quite often creatures of habit and predictability.

The professional development is at the Capital Gateway Motor Inn in Wellington, starting at 2pm on Tuesday 20th Aug.


Mix and Mingle Networking Event – Wellington  2019

Professional and Personal Development - Mix and Mingle Networking Event

Join us for our next awesome Mix and Mingle evening.

Enjoy light refreshments, whilst chatting to like minded people. And later, listen to our two very special guest speakers.

The event follows the professional development and  is also at the Capital Gateway Motor Inn in Wellington, starting at 5.30pm on Tuesday 20th Aug.

Professional Development Workshop  – Christchurch 2019

Christchurch - Mindfulness and Meditation

Our next professional development, titled The Mindful Intersection to Work/Life Balance,  is focused on Mindfulness and Meditation.

Join us at the Heartland Hotel Cotswold in Christchurch  on Tuesday 21st May @1.45pm  for this, not to be missed, ANZCAL professional development workshop.

Special Networking Event – Christchurch 2019

Professional and Personal Development - Mix and Mingle Networking Event

Join us at the Heartland Hotel Cotswoldin Christchurch from 5.30pm on Tuesday 21st May  for the ANZCAL Coaches  Mix n Mingle  evening, where you can enjoy chatting to like minded people over some light refreshments and later  listen to our two guest speakers.  And you don’t have to be an ANZCAL member to attend!  For more information click here.

Special Mix and Mingle Networking Event  – Auckland 2018

Auckland - Mix and Mingle Networking Event ANZCAL is growing and is committed to supporting anyone who coaches others, it doesn’t have to be Life Coaching.  So this mix n mingle evening is our inaugural one to get coaches, such as yourselves, meeting and talking and connecting.

We are also excited to include in the evening two guest speakers:

Mike Edgar owner of The Design Cellar, a marketing and design company who is committed to supporting charities and passionate about excellent marketing at a fair and reasonable price.

Kat Yearbury, the force behind Fairysteps4Ella, which raised $250,000, and you may have seen on TV a few times recently.

Mike and Kat are amazing people who have great messages to share.  There will also be an opportunity to ask them questions.  And of course, there will be time to mix n mingle; to connect or reconnect and get to enjoy an evening with like-minded people. And you don’t have to be an ANZCAL member to come!

 Professional Development Workshop  – Auckland 2018

Auckland - Sensory AcuityAs well as the mix and mingle evening we have decided to respond to two more requests by combining them.

The first is, what else is there  for professional development? The second is how do I learn more about sensory acuity? 

So, here it is a 3.5 hour workshop on communication and sensory acuity, including practical application to build that muscle memory.

This is open to all who are interested, not just ANZCAL members and suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to get rapport more quickly, how to be influential in communication and how to observe the subtle things that occur naturally in communication.  Your registration to this includes a free entry to the Mix n Mingle event as well.

NOTE: Slides and audio recordings of the Mix and Mingle Guest Speaker talks can be found in the ANZCAL Members only Resources.