Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life

Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life

Ever tried to get rid of your Thoughts and Feelings? 

Or, what above avoiding them? 


So, join us for an Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). A scientifically based psychotherapeutic modality in behavioral and cognitive therapy.

This online class is on  Tuesday 6th October @6.15pm. Your presenter is Kathy Shaw, who’ll help you learn and understand:

  • Challenges trying to control our thoughts and feels
  • What ACT is  and its six core principles
  • The ACT Mindfulness skills equation  and physiological flexibility 
  • Step by step defusion and acceptance techniques
  • And provide some practical exercises


Please complete the registration form below and we’ll be in touch with more details. Look forward to seeing you.

About the Presenter

Kathy Shaw is an experienced Healthcare professional having worked as a Registered Nurse, Supervisor, Educator, Mentor, and Manager.

As an educator and mentor for nurses she realised her passion for helping others to succeed and shine in all aspects of their life.

Kathy is an ANZCAL accredited coach. Find out more about Kathy by visiting her website.