Glenda Irwin – Mindfulness and Meditation

Glenda Irwin

Glenda Irwin - Mindfulness and Mediation Educator and TrainerGlenda Irwin is an accredited ANZCAL Trainer Master Coach  and an  ANZCAL educator.

Glenda is passionate about helping people discover mindfulness practice.  Glenda has taught in excess of 300 mindfulness workshops to the public, within education and in corporate settings.

She trained with the American based Amy Saltzman and has been the senior facilitator and facilitator trainer/supervisor for the hugely successful Mindfulness Works programme of mindfulness training.

As well as  a certified Life Coach, Glenda trains groups and individuals in mindful eating practice.

“It’s a privilege to teach people the ‘simple but not necessarily easy’ practices that allow them to draw their attention into their current experience, and hopefully, reveal choices they may have been formerly unaware of.”


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