Glenda Irwin – TMCL

Respons-ABILITY Services

Glenda Irwin,  ANZCAL Trainer Master Coach

Glenda Irwin - Trainer Master CoachGlenda teaches mindfulness and uses mindfulness-based modalities in her consultancy as a therapist.  She is a lead facilitator for the hugely successful provider of mindfulness trainings: Mindfulness Works.  Glenda is the author of the official follow-on courses, ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ and ‘Mindfulness & Relationships’.

Glenda follows a Buddhist path of philosophy but teaches secular mindfulness. She has one son and lives in East Auckland where it is she has a studio and conducts client work. You can reach Glenda via her website.

Mindfulness And Children

Beginning her mindfulness teacher training in 2008 with USA teacher Amy Saltzman, Glenda offered mindfulness practices to children. Although Glenda no longer sees children in consultancy she still supervises those that do, and her reference material is freely accessible via her Facebook page.

Glenda regularly trains educators in how to offer mindfulness as part of their teaching skills and in the support of self-regulation skills for children.

Mindfulness And Adults

During her consultancy with children Glenda was encouraged to develop her skills to include adults. In 2013 she headed up the team for the hugely successful Mindfulness Works programme to begin offering mindfulness & meditation workshops in public.  She is the now the author of the official follow-on courses, ‘Mindfulness 2.0and Mindfulness & Relationships’.

Now the lead facilitator of online material Glenda conducts workshops both via the internet and in person, whilst also remaining a trainer of facilitators and a supervisor for mindfulness teachers and coaches aspiring to include mindfulness techniques.

Concurrent with Glenda’s commitment to professional/personal development she has trained in various modalities for one to one therapy. Most salient in her consultancy are those of ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy). She has undertaken these trainings in NZ, USA, UK and Australia. Glenda is also currently with AUT as a student in Grad Dip HSc, Psychology.

Life Coaching

Glenda trained under Christine Walter to become a Life Coach in 2017. Given her commitment to the power of self-direction Glenda further researched the work of American psychotherapist and business coach Lynn Grodzki. It is Glenda’s strong belief that therapy and psychology will align with coaching as a matter of necessity. She is delighted to be affiliated with ANZCAL since the training she offered November 2019 and looks forward to the further assistance she will provide ANZCAL coaches during 2020.


Glenda conducts workshops in what she has named ‘Respons-ABILITY’.  Here she directs the participants’ attention to the great benefits of a consciously trained mind. Therein enabling the ability to respond to life, rather than react with habitual patterns of maladjustment. Her work is based in the acceptance of self and she is committed to being part of the compassion-based approach to change.