Interested in joining ANZCAL?

We’re here for ALL Coaches

Whether you are new to coaching, currently studying or interested in becoming a coach, or have years of professional experience already, we have a level of membership suitable for you.

Some of the benefits by joining our organisation include:Benefits

  • Support of an organisation dedicated to your success and professional fulfilment
  • Professional accreditation and certification as a Coach
  • Use of the ANZCAL accreditation level logo in your marketing materials, on your website and brochures
  • Marketing and promotional resources and assistance to support you in finding your own clients to build a thriving and sustainable coaching practice
  • Access to our coaching referral service allowing you to promote yourself through our website and network
  • Access to our closed ANZCAL Facebook group for sharing ideas, knowledge and support from like-minded people
  • Enjoy regular newsletters and have the opportunity to contribute to these
  • Access to masterclass coaching training and mentoring sessions
  • Receive “membership pricing” to ANZCAL coaching events and gatherings

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Levels of Membership

Depending where you are in your coaching journey we have a membership level that will suit you.

Elementary Coach Level  (ECL)

This Elementary Coach Level, ideal for anyone who is studying or planning to study coaching. It can also be for people who are starting out, such as a young person coaching a sport or team. It offers a starting point into coaching.

If you have a passion for helping others and feel you have the right energy and aptitude to help people reach their potential then this level membership is perfect for you.

Check out what is required to achieve this level in our Capability Table.

Associate Coach Level (ACL)

If you have recently qualified as a Coach and have just started seeing clients – or are planning to do so soon; this is the membership for you.

Similarly, if you are a new Manager or Team Leader and would like clarity of your ability and evidence of what you can do then maybe this is a place to start.

Check out what is required to achieve this level in our Capability Table.

Professional Coach Level (PCL)

If you are busy seeing clients and have been doing so for at least 1 year or, you have been managing a group of people for at least a year and have experience in leading staff then we would love to invite you to apply as a Level 3 member.

Check out what is required to achieve this level in our Capability Table.

Master Coach Level  (MCL)

This Master Coach Level is suitable for those who have been coaching professionally for over 3 years or have been supervising people for some time now. You will already be comfortable in coaching people to their potential, in understanding your own intuition and being comfortable in uncomfortable coaching situations.

Check out what is required to achieve this level in our Capability Table.

ANZCAL Trainer Master Coach

Being able to keep a group of people on track together for the planned outcome while incorporating their different learning styles, learning abilities and individual ways of gaining information takes practise. There is so much to consider and take notice of while delivering the training.

This accreditation is to acknowledge those talented trainers out there. You will have the ability to deliver your material, encourage interaction and use training tools whilst keeping your group on track. You will know when to push forward or ease back. You will understand what the desired outcome is and how you will know when it has been achieved.

To find out what is required to be an ANZCAL Accredited Trainer see our Trainer Master Coach  Competencies Table.

Life Coaching Training Schools

If you are looking for us to accredit your professional coaching training course, workshop or programme, or have a course that you think would fit the bill please get in touch with us. We are always on the watch for valuable training to support our members and their requirements.