Learn 5 Go-To Coaching Tools!!

Online Workshop – Thursday 20th April 2023

Learn 5 highly effective well-being coaching tools for adolescents that you can easily integrate into your coaching practice or with your family and whānau.

Sam Hannah, Workshop In this workshop,  Sam will teach you 5 of her most successful well-being coaching tools for working with adolescents that you can instantly integrate into your coaching business. She believes these skills are vital in helping our young people strengthen their mental and emotional health and reconnect them to their hearts; a place they can make better choices from.

These skills are transferrable to you too!  Each tool Hannah teaches in the workshop you will experience yourself.

The 5 well-being coaching tools are:

– Breathwork techniques and why these are essential skills we need to coach our adolescents on.

– The fastest defusing technique for when clients become fused to their thoughts, feelings and emotions in session.

– Movement technique to shift emotion and reset a session – this one is incredible for teens with anger issues.

– Self-discovery exercise to return young people back to their hearts and remind them of their values.

– Guided mindfulness exercise to teach a powerful ‘observing thoughts’ technique that adolescents love and can practice every day.

In this workshop, you will receive a workbook, do-for-you resources and a meditation that you can use and share with the adolescents in your life.

So, join us online and be prepared for an interactive, activating yet restful 3-hour workshop. Filled with valuable information about how the adolescent mind responds to stress and anxiety and ways you can help build their resilience and confidence so they can thrive in life.


Join us live online for this three-hour workshop on Thursday 20th April 2023 from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm 

This workshop is just $50  for ANZCAL members and $70  for non-members.

To register, complete the form below and we will send you the details on joining us online.

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Samantha Hannah

Samantha Hannah – Wellbeing coach and Ayurveda health counsellor.

Sam is the founder of Samantha Hannah Wellbeing Academy and is accredited at ANZCAL Master Coach level.

She has been working with adolescents (12-24 years) for over 10 years in classrooms as a well-being teacher, in her private practice as a well-being coach, at Massey University as their Wellbeing Advisor and in the sports arena as a high-performance netball coach and Wellington Netball’s youth development. I’m also a Mum of two teenage daughters.

Sam understands how challenging teaching, coaching and raising adolescents can be. But more importantly, she knows first-hand the mental and emotional health and well-being issues our adolescents face today, and how to help them.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching, Post Grad Cert. Communication (oral and written) with Excellence.

She is a certified Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Coach (specialised training in adolescents, anxiety and depression),  Advanced Level 2 Giant Mind meditation teacher, certified and registered yoga teacher, certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness teacher and Ayurveda health counsellor.

When not deep in meditation or practising yoga, you’re most likely to find her somewhere in nature, head in a book learning something new or with friends/family laughing lots while sharing herbal tea or a Pinot Noir.