Live Your Life With Purpose. Don’t Let Fate Decide

Live Your Life with Purpose. Don’t Let Fate Decide!

By Chrissy Heathorn

Live your life with purpose. Dont let fate decide.

Lockdown, a gift, or an inconvenience?

Emotional lockdown, isolation, fear and panic? Or spiritual retreat, inspiration, acceptance, and joy?

What are you choosing?

I’m meditating on Covid 19 being a gift. Yes, it’s unexpected but maybe this virus was inevitable? Humanity has been on a collision course with Nature because of the way some of us live life. Is this the big reset?

For some people, this global pandemic is creating a state of chaos. But it’s also a time for others to question our ways of being, what is meaningful to us. The lockdown has meant many of us have collectively turned inwards and
the planet has breathed one very big sigh of relief.

I think we have reached a time in history – the big pause – an opportunity – where we have the luxury of a spiritual/life crisis. A time to reflect. However, many of us don’t recognize we are in one.

Instead, it can show up as depression, anger or sadness, or an energetic discord such as dis-ease in all its forms. It may feel like our choices have been removed and we have recently seen instances of panic and fear.

How have our lives been changed by this lockdown? People I have talked with are considering their faith and their values. They are questioning their beliefs, their life purpose and sense of self. This can be uncomfortable and takes courage.

Choice, fate or both?

Life for me has never been without some challenge on the horizon or in my rear view mirror. Comfort came in my thirties by way of my curious nature as I asked – why was my life like this? Why do I have these experiences, are they a result of my choices? Or fate? Why does my life often feel like hard work?

Everyone wants to know that their life is not an accident. That we are born for a reason, a purpose. That our life matters in some way – that we matter.

I know that describes me. In the past, it has expressed itself as a restlessness, an inability to be satisfied with my life throughout my twenties and thirties. Suffering often becomes a way of claiming an identity, a version of victimhood. This was a huge realisation for me …now when I notice feelings of self pity, poor me, guilt ,self judgement or shame, I observe these patterns and choose to consciously shift this downward spiral to a more uplifting and empowering place.

Insight, and therefore answers, started to gently reveal themselves to me, by way of what I have called pivotal people, defining moments, ‘right place, right time’ signs. My eyes and more importantly my heart were open to answers. I have connected to aspects of my birth and incarnation qualities, via understandings of numerology and astrology. Revealing information I resonate with …this was the key to initiating my understanding of myself.

React or respond

Many of us live a life reacting to situations, people, or events. Which can then shape our reality. Becoming the life we live by default, rather than by conscious choice. It is not until we can ‘ask’, from a heart connected place.
“How does my Soul need to express itself in this lifetime?” Not until we become curious, desperate or uncomfortable enough to want to understand what this means, will it start to unfold. Asking from a place of curiosity. That deep longing to have access to this information is the key to our sacred birthright.

I know that when I could answer that question, my life changed. Taking me on a trajectory of learning. Seeking the people, mentors, sages, yogis, and ordinary folk able to plant a seed within me from their story telling,
experiences and teachings.

The answers may not be what you expect. It may show up as a gradual realization that the relationship you’ve existed in for years is becoming too uncomfortable and difficult. Or your partner leaves suddenly. Or the well-paid
job you dislike disappears because the business made you redundant.

Being uncomfortable, knowing I needed to make a change, most recently, leaving a 12 year long relationship, where we were both unhappy with the versions of ourselves we had become, has happened to me on many
occasions and still does. I stay present and receive the ‘messages’ from my intuition that signpost the way forward, to jump back into my ‘flow’.

Be present to yourself, and others. There is value in that.

In my view, we desire to live congruently with what we know innately, to be true for us. Knowing our core values and being truthful to ourselves is surely a great place to start.

It can be incredibly easy to align with your purpose, to be in the effortless flow of life. To be present, allowing life to unfold naturally, give it your attention, notice little things. This is how the energy web, the quantum field,
communicates with you.

As John Kehoe explains in his book Quantum Warrior

“The energy web is filled with energy and information and contains within it unlimited possibilities of manifestation. Each of us can weave the web any time we choose and we can do this consciously, fully aware of what we are doing”.

For example when we focus our thoughts & intentions, on successful outcomes in our life we are weaving the web, increasing the possibility of these events happening. Everything in the universe has its unique vibration, what scientists call an energy signature and when we consistently activate this vibration for ourselves, through daily meditation or mindfulness practices, this energy will weave the web in a way that will attract these circumstances
to us.

What we focus on, we attract.

It may be a ‘knowingness’, a movie that profoundly moved you, that part of a book that jumped into your consciousness, a person saying something that resonated deeply. These are some of the ways your Soul will ‘speak’ to you positively. Or it may be an accident, an illness, a disruption in life, an unplanned event or experience coming out of the blue. Whatever way it happens, know one thing, it will happen.

As Rumi said; “Know what you are seeking, is seeking you.”

What does this seeking look like? Mindfulness, meditation, prayer, total immersion in creative passions, being in, and communing with Nature. These are the ‘spaces’ where communion with ourselves, is most available – we know this as a Truth already, as we are drawn to the beach, getting in the ocean, going to the bush, and feeling the sun on our skin. Our heart, if we allow ourselves to follow, already knows, the answers lie within …

Will you make conscious choices today? Listen to your heart? Bringing you closer to the all-important relationship with Self, to Nature, family and friends, your community and your life purpose?

Moment by moment, you can choose to over-think, feel stressed, blame yourself and others, be reactive, feel guilty. Or, choose to be mindful and present, consciously aware, respond intuitively, take actions that redefines
your soul purpose…

What choices will you make today, to experience a deeper more meaningful relationship with yourself.

Walking our talk is, after all, THE most effective way of serving our clients.

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Chrissy Heathorn - Life Coach/Workshop Presenter - Life By Design
Chrissy Heathorn – Life Coach/Workshop Presenter

Having spent my entire working life almost exclusively in the company of women, as a hairstylist in my own business, was such a gift. To be present to the challenges, the highs, and the lows my clients experienced, often found us, through our sharing with each other, an organic support network.

The result of this for me, was I always pushed myself to dive deeper into my own personal development journey, to ensure I was always able to be mindful, present, and utter the words from my heart that felt right for these women I had come to know as my tribe.  Four years have passed since selling the business… and life coaching is a perfect fit for me, especially for women seeking growth and transformation. Once more I am walking with my tribe again, divinely aligned with my Soul purpose.  Find out more by dropping me an email or visiting my website.

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