Welcome to our library of recorded ANZCAL Masterclasses, packed with help and support for all our members.

Breathe into Mastery

Did you know research has demonstrated that practicing deep breathing techniques can effectively reduce stress and anxiety, enhance focus and concentration, and promote overall mental and physical well-being?

Join ANZCAL and our presenter Anna Veale, the lead Facilitator for the Certified Ayursoul Breathwork Course in England and New Zealand, for this transformative masterclass. Here you can:

🍉 Experience the transformative benefits of an Ayursoul Breathwork session firsthand.

🍉 Gain practical tools to use for yourself and your clients.

Masterclass – Recording

Building Your Business Series


In this  masterclass you will learn how :

  1. Simon Sinek’s  ‘Golden circle‘ maps to our neurological levels.
  2. To create your business vision statement.
  3. To identify your most important values.
  4. Find your why and express it clearly.

Masterclass – Recording

Download a copy of the slides and watch the recording.



 This class follows on from PART1, looking at your HOW by exploring your mission and most importantly working on identifying your ideal clients.

In this  masterclass you will learn:

  1. What HOW is in the context of a mission statement.
  2. Why it is important to identify your ideal client(s). 
  3.  What is a client persona and how to create one.
  4. 3 tips and techniques to really bring your persona(s) to life and using them when promoting your services and products.

Masterclass – Recording

Download a copy of the slides and watch the recording.



This class follows on from PART2, focusing on goal setting and  how to perform a SWOT analysis for your coaching business.

In this  masterclass you will learn:

  1. Techniques for setting goals
  2. How to track resistance and roadblocks to achieving your goals
  3. The process to perform a SWOT analysis for insight into your coaching business

Masterclass – Recording

Download a copy of the slides and watch the recording

Unleash the Power of Neurodivergence

Parents sometimes feel unappreciated and used, like an ‘unpaid  servant and banker’.

Help your clients to parent with ‘mana’, allowing them to love and effectively lead their kids towards independence!

As a coach, you can help parents identify and find solutions to the real issues, so they can build stronger families where children feel safe, loved, and able to mature.

Gain insights into ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, and other neurodivergences like Empaths, Gifted and Highly Sensitive People.

Discovering these unique perspectives is vital for effective coaching.

In this  masterclass you will also learn how to:

  1. Create safe spaces for neuro-minorities to unmask and engage with you as a coach.
  2. Embrace your personal neuro-diversity and understand and celebrate differences.
  3. Recognise when to refer to a specialist neurodivergence coach.


Become an Effective Parenting Coach

Parents sometimes feel unappreciated and used, like an ‘unpaid  servant and banker’.

Help your clients to parent with ‘mana’, allowing them to love and effectively lead their kids towards independence!

As a coach, you can help parents identify and find solutions to the real issues, so they can build stronger families where children feel safe, loved, and able to mature.

In this masterclass you will discover how to:

  • Establish family values that provide purpose, hope, and security.
  • Identify soft (weak) spots, sore (irritations) spots and hot (conflict) spots that weaken relationships.
  • Implement strategies to reduce and resolve conflict.
  • Develop systems and routines that encourage and enhance harmonious living.
  • Facilitate deeper and more loving relationships.

The Art Of Storytelling

Memory retention jumps from 5% to 65% when we use stories. So are you being memorable?

Let’s help you find your tribe by telling stories to connect, inform and resonate with your audience. This online masterclass presented by Justine Storey will help you understand the art of storytelling with some great take-aways for you to use.

Name Them To Tame Them – Emotional Literacy 101

When we lack a language to understand our own emotional landscape this can limit our ability to create healthy relationships, with ourselves and others. It hampers self-awareness, self-compassion, and personal growth.

So, join us and our presenter, Megan Gallagher, for this online masterclass to discover practical strategies and techniques to reframe and reclaim emotions, empowering you to effectively manage and harness their power.


A copy of the work of the workbook to go with this recording can be found here.

3 Tools To Help Adolescents manage emotions, stress and anxiety.

Our adolescents urgently need our help with their mental and emotional health. Many are suffering from accumulative stress, and high anxiety,  and overwhelm and have little to no resources to cope.

So, watch this masterclass by Sam Hannah, to learn 3 simple & effective tools to help adolescents (12-25 years) manage emotions, un-stress, and reduce anxiety.

Whether you coach the adolescent age group or have adolescents in your life, the 3 tools will be extremely valuable.

A copy of the slides to go with this recording can be found here.

The Imposter Syndrome

  • Do you feel like an Imposter sometimes?
  • Does that little internal voice cause you physical discomfort and self-doubting tendencies?
  • Does it cause you to second guess, strive for that elusive ‘perfection’, or just block you totally?

Congratulations – you are in great company!

 In this recording, the presenter, Christine Walter explores how you know you feel you are an imposter and what to do when it arises.

The Neuroscience of Gratitude To Rewire Your Brain

An integrated approach to using Gratitude to rewire negativity for clients or yourself!

This masterclass is for coaches who wish to use Gratitude as a tasking exercise to assist clients to overcome a negativity bias. (And of course for anyone who wants to enhance their own gratitude practice.)

Research has shown Gratitude to be the most effective way to rewire the brain to take in more good. And in uncertain and difficult times, people are looking for tools and techniques that work to support their mental health and well-being.

Your presenters, Suzanne Henwood and Sarah Carruthers explore the latest research and demonstrate an integrated embodied process encompassing NLP, mBraining, breathing.

The Art Of Happiness

Do you want to find and know how to hold onto happiness in a crazy and uncertain world?

We all want to be happy or happier than we are, that’s why we have goals and desires because when you boil it down, that is what they will give you, happiness.

In a world where so much is beyond your control and where it can feel hard to find happiness, this masterclass recording will help you understand that your happiness is actually far more in your control than you possibly originally thought.

Your presenter, Jo Green, will be talking about how we keep ourselves from happiness and how to stop doing that.

6 Techniques to Build Resilience and Cultivate Mental Wellbeing

Did you know, there are simple tools that can help you and your clients boost mental wellbeing, build resilience and lower the risk of developing mental health problems?  

Find out more by listening to the audio recording of the masterclass below.

Further reading on this topic can be found  by clicking here

Free Your Body And Free Your Mind

Watch Mindset and Body works Coach Anna Veale as she shares how to bring the body and mind together to build a sustainable career in coaching and lead a soulful life.

 Anna will  help you learn and understand:

🍉 Why putting yourself first is so important
🍉 Why giving back to others matters
🍉 The importance of Exercise and Nourishment – a must for your to do list!
🍉 How to create a lifestyle that aligns with the life you want

Dilt’s Neurological Levels

Why are some changes easier to achieve that others? 

Well, it all has to do with the neurological level  we are operating at for the change.  Learn more about these levels, proposed by Robert Dilt, in the following masterclass.

A copy of the the slides for this masterclass can be downloaded here.

Creating A Successful Relationship With Your Client

An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

This recording and copy of the slides, presented by Kathy Shaw, will provide you with an Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

ACT is built upon the strengths and weaknesses of Cogntivive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Emotions and Emotional Clients

This masterclass recording and resources will help you learn how to recognise and understand emotions.

 And, through mindfulness and other techniques provide you with some takeaway tips. which you can use for yourself and with your clients.

Listen to the guided Body Scan mediationby Glenda Irwin,  recorded as part of the masterclass.

Please DO NOT listen to this whilst driving or operating any machinery. 

Additional Resources

Client Pacing

Polyvagal Resource

Working Alliance Resource