mBIT COACH Certification Course



Why Attend

As coaches we are always working on developing ourselves and the skills and experience we can can bring to coaching sessions with clients.

But, this isn’t just for Coaches either! Business people, personal development – anyone who wants to make 2022 and beyond amazing.

So, do you want to:

  • Take your communication / coaching ability to another level?
  • Help your clients work through their internal conflicts between thoughts, feelings and action?
  •  Have a key resource to understand and overcome unwanted behaviours and lack of motivation in changing?
  • Learn how to work with debilitating emotions such as frustration and anger?
  • Be able to help yourself and others with chronic health issues relating to heart and gut?
  • Learn ways to stop overthinking and start moving?
  • Know how to trust your intuitive abilities to make wiser decisions and be motivated to take action?
  • Be able to quickly control / relieve stress so you can think more clearly again?
  • Take action and stop sabotaging dreams, goals and plans either for yourself or for others?
  • Gain the most recent and innovative coaching techniques to complement your current knowledge and toolbox?
  • Be a part of a developing international movement that incorporates old wisdoms with modern neuroscience.
  • Learn mBraining from the best with the international leader in mBraining, Dr Suzanne Henwood, and mBit Master Coach and Trainer Christine Walter.

Then becoming an mBIT coach is the professional development for you.

What You Will Learn

During this mBIT Coach Certification course you will:

  • Learn about three of our multiple brains, their different intelligences and relationship.
  • Realise the power of the 6 prime functions of the head, heart and gut brains and how each provides us with a different ability and talent.
  • Gain deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflicts that sabotage and what to do about this.
  • Learn about neural pathways and how we can actively educate them to utilize better intuition and decision making.
  • Gain understanding about your Autonomic Nervous System and how it affects us.
  • Discover the power of Balanced Breathing and its rapid, positive effects on stress and anxiousness.
  • How to work with the core mBraining Framework to quickly understand and balance three of our brains (head, heart and gut).

What is mBraining?


mBraining is scientifically researched, utilizing the teachings of ancient wisdom, positive psychology and latest findings in neuroscience to enable a person to enhance their intuitive abilities for wiser decision making within their daily life.

It teaches us that we have more than one brain and that by harnessing the power of ALL brains we can have a more creative, compassionate, and courageous life.

It allows the practitioner the ability to understand neural constraints and blocks that hold us back and when we integrate the pathways we can have better, more rewarding outcomes in our life.

mBraining is a new field of human development and understanding. It was developed in Australia in 2012 by international leadership consultant Grant Soosalu and world leading behavioural modelling specialist and NLP Master Trainer Marvin Oka.

Through their study and research Grant and Marvin have uncovered a large body of scientific evidence that underpins the foundations and presuppositions of mBIT. They have ratified this into a method for aligning the three brains (sometimes referred to as intelligences) to create ecological goal-oriented outcomes. It allows us to resolve internal conflicts, stress, bad decision making, and unhappiness.

“It [mBraining] is a beautifully simple, yet profoundly deep model, enabling you to get in touch with your multiple centres of intelligence, enabling a new level of wisdom to emerge.” Dr Suzanne Henwood, mBIT Master Trainer, Master Coach

Registration and Special Early Bird Pricing Offer

Your next mBraining course runs for four days from 24 February to 27 February 2022  at  Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604

Take the 10% Early Bird Discount and pay $2472 by registering and paying in full by Thursday 3 February. The price after Early Bird closes is $2754.

The normal full price for this course is $2932.

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Terms and conditions

A 10% administration fee is charged for any withdrawal after enrolment, or to transfer to an alternative programme.

Late withdrawal costs:

  •  Within 4 weeks of the course date 20% of the course fee will be retained
  •  Within 2 weeks of the course date 50% of the course fee will be retained
  •  Within last week before course date the fee is non-returnable.

In the rare and unforeseen circumstances, a course has to be cancelled a full refund of course fees will be given (or fees transferred to a later date), no travel or accommodation costs associated with the booking will be refunded.

All participants must be fully vaccinated which is a requirement of the Council owned venue.