The Mindful Intersection to Work/Life Balance

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Whats Your Work/Life Balance Like?


Our next professional development, titled The Mindful Intersection to Work/Life Balance is focused on Mindfulness and Meditation. The workshop will be run by Glenda Irwin, who is a renowned  mindfulness educator and trainer in New Zealand.  

The Mindful Intersection to Work/Life Balance

Glenda Irwin - Mindfulness Educator
Glenda Irwin – Mindfulness Educator

This three hour workshop  is aimed at anybody who wants to gain a good understanding of Mindfulness and Meditation and how it can be applied to improve mental well-being. The  benefits from mindfulness and attending this workshop  include:

  • Acknowledges the inherent ability of the mind and body to gain well-being.
  • Begin the journey towards both personal and professional ‘awakening’ / ‘awareness’.
  • Enhance your skills in ‘working with your current circumstances’ rather than dwelling on the past or in the future.
  • Learn what true ‘balance of mind’ does for ourselves and our clients, both professionally and outside of coaching.
  • Improve your practical skills of perception and choice by naming intention, and ultimately gaining self-awareness and resilience.
  • Outlines of neuroscience; group processes; time for Q&A and meditation exercises.
  • Access to mindfulness scripts you may want to use with clients and recordings of guided meditations.
  • Tips for staying mindful during a coaching session.
  • Tips for clients use.
  • Meet a leading Mindfulness Trainer, Therapist, Author and Mentor (supervisor of mindfulness teachers) with whom you can form a relationship for further Professional Development.

So whether you are a coach or somebody who wants to become more self aware, this workshop WILL benefit you.

Special Bonus

As a bonus, this professional development includes a FREE TICKET to the ANZCAL Coaches Mix n Mingle Networking Evening that follows, where you can enjoy chatting to like minded people and listen to our two key guest speakers Meridee Walter  and Julie Raine.  There will also be an opportunity for questions after each speaker session.  We have no doubt that these two speakers will have lots to offer you, whether you are coaching or not right now.