Modelling For Success Technique

Modelling For Success Technique

By Christine Walter 

Modelling Technique


When we ‘model’ we are curious as much about what goes on both practically and mentally for the person we model.  All successful people will tell you that their success was as much about their mind-set as it what about what they did.  By modelling someone we can find out what personal strategies they have that allows them to succeed and use these for our own resources.

A  questionnaire format created to gather useful information from the person being modelled can be obtained by  ANZCAL Members from the ANZCAL Website resources page.  While it is in interview format with some creativity it can also be utilised without a physical interview process if you are unable to talk to the person.  As you do this exercise be sure to be present so you can get the full experience.

Christine WalterChristine Walter is a Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and mBit Coach.  She offers training courses via the NZ School of Life Coaching and through her own business Lodestone. She is also a Director of Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance.