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Are YOU looking for a Life or Career Coach ?  Then look no further than an ANZCAL Accredited Professional Coach.

Careers in MotionKaren Baucke

Karen Baucke
Karen Baucke

Karen has a background in training and coaching in career and personal development in Europe and New Zealand, where she worked across the public and private sector to implement and run a variety of  training courses. Over the past 20 years Karen is helping people to become far more effective at work by improving their communication skills, career planning, setting goals and building confidence.

The additional  focus on mental heath, dealing with anxiety and mild depression is allowing Karen to use her substantial knowledge and experience in human development, personality types, holistic self care and energy psychology which is based on the latest neuroscience insights of whole brain integration.

Karen is known for her ability to connect with her clients through real interest, warmth and humor, resulting in people making changes fast through gaining clarity and confidence; gaining practical tools to deal with stress more effectively and building resilience and increasing their well being.

Tel: 027 216 2675