Reading the Inner Monologue

Reading the Inner Monologue  – An Online Masterclass

A BRAND NEW awareness in the field of body language.

Stephanie Holloway has been studying body language for 14 years, and one thing she has always done differently from others in her field is to figure out easy ways for people to APPLY their learning easily to real-life situations. This is an often overlooked awareness in the field of body language.

What if you could HEAR the inner monologue in someone’s head by reading the clues?

Rarely do people say what they are actually thinking. For all sorts of reasons — social etiquette, reprisals, fear of ridicule – to name a few.

What if you could figure out what the true inner monologue is – simply by reading the facial clues and body gestures?

Steph has taught the thought > emotion > body language sequence for 14 years!

But this is different – it’s quite literally an ability to be a mind reader! By looking for the connect or dis-connect between what is being said, and what is being shown.

As a Clairaudient intuitive person Steph often hears voices in her head lol.

She realised a few weeks ago that she was also reading what was in other people’s heads too from their squelched or micro’d body language…… and it blew her mind.

Steph will also be opening a ‘Back Channel’; a private WhatsApp group for attendees of the new learnings so that you can talk to each other (and Steph) about how your world has changed since the class. This group will be active from April 13th-May 13th.


Join us live online for this one-hour masterclass on Thursday 13th April 2023 from 7.00pm – 8.00pm 

This EASTER SPECIAL masterclass is just $29 for ANZCAL members and $39 for non-members.

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About Your Presenter

Stephanie Holloway – a Body Language Expert who works globally, based from New Zealand.

In my world there’s never an average day!
One day I might be found helping marketing specialists use body language to land the pitch. Sales professionals spot the exact moment they have the buy-in (or not). Workplaces understand how body language differs across cultures and gender so that everyone feels respected and included.

I could be amongst a front-line team, building their confidence in de-escalation techniques. Teaching recruiters and HR how to detect the genuine, perfect candidate, from the deceptive, with unattractive communication traits.

If I’m huddled over a laptop pulling faces, or strutting about with someone I’m possibly helping an author build realistic, relatable characters into their novel or screenplay by portraying accurate body language.

There may be a couple on my screen or sofa, who are beginning to understand how their non-verbal messaging is affecting their relationship. I could be in a school showing educators how spectacular body language is for classroom management.

Coaching people how to project a riveting encode (what you send out to the world) when they are training, doing presentations, or going for an interview.

And in between all of that I speak at conferences around the world virtually, run online classes, and 1-1 coaching in body language.

Every single aspect of daily life can be improved by understanding body language. So, if you don’t know what you are sending out and reading in, you are really missing out!