So, You Do Want More Clients

So, You Do Want More Clients

By Paul Walmsley, ANZCAL

So, You want more clients

What made YOU open this article?

Were you intrigued by the title in the Newsletter?


Was it seeing your name in the title?

I suspect your name and the title!

Seeing your name in an email grabs your attention and ignites your curiosity.


Yes. I can hear you.

You’re saying, “What if you don’t know their name?” or “What about writing content for a Facebook post or web page?

And you should be asking these questions.

Well, the answer…

go for the next most powerful word…


Are you still reading this short article? If so, notice how many times I used you, your and you’re so far.

If you want more clients, you need to get personal.

So, start using ‘YOU’ language much more.

Now try this little exercise to see this  in action:

  1. Grab something you have written or read recently and print it out.
  2. Circle in GREEN all the times the ‘you’ language was used e.g. you, your, you’re
  3. Circle in RED all the times the ‘we’ language was used e.g. we, we’ve, us

Do you have more GREEN or RED?

Hopefully lots of GREEN . If so how did  you feel whilst reading it?

If not, how did  you feel whilst reading it? Try rewriting it to use more of the ‘YOU’ language.


I said 2 simple techniques to engage more clients. So, here’s your second one….

Ask a Question

More importantly ask one early on that you know your reader will say YES to.

Remember I asked YOU this question in the Newsletter

Do YOU Want More Clients?

Did you nod and say YES?

What about all the questions in this article?

Asking questions gets your potential client actively involved with your marketing material.

To them it now feels more like a ‘real conversion’, rather than you ‘talking at them’.

So, Remember

  • Make your social media/ blog posts, emails and any other communications about the reader using the ‘YOU’ language.
  • Ask QUESTIONS to get your reader actively involved.

See YOU soon for some more tips on connecting with your potential clients?

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Paul Walmsley - ANZCAL Co-founder and DirectorPaul Walmsley is an experienced I.T Consultant, author and part time University lecturer. During his many years working in large corporate organisations in the UK and New Zealand he has coached or mentored many individuals and teams and continues to do so now he is self-employed.  He is also a Director of Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance.

‘The sweetest sound in the world is the persons own name”
– Dale Carnegie