Coaching Mix and Mingle – Auckland 2019

Special Networking Event 

Join us at the  Rose Park Hotel in Auckland from 5.30pm on Wednesday 13th November  for the ANZCAL Coaches Mix n Mingle  evening. You can enjoy chatting to like minded people over some light refreshments and later  listen to our two guest speakers.  Read on for more details about the two talks and to register.

Stealing Life Back from the Big C

Meridee Walter - Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
Meridee Walter – Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Meridee Walter has lived abroad for seven years, both in Spain and England, and has travelled extensively.  She is often described as a gypsy.

In 2016 Meridee came back to New Zealand to celebrate Christmas with her family and spend a few months at home before heading off to South America to immerse herself again into a Hispanic way of language and life.  A routine medical checkup changed her life forever.  Within 10 days of that ‘routine checkup’ Meridee was in surgery for removal of a 2.4kg tumour which measured only 1cm less in length than a rugby ball.  This was quickly followed by the diagnosis of cancer.

How does one, still in the prime of her life, deal with the diagnosis, the treatments, which included a second significant surgery, and still love life and live life as fully as is physically and mentally possible?  How does a person re-claim/re-shape their identity?  How do they navigate the emotional roller coaster and still be willing to share their journey from highs and adventures, to lows and public melt downs?

What helps cancer patients navigate the emotional knife edge and what doesn’t?

Come and join Meridee as she uses her journey to offer learning to you.  It isn’t all doom and gloom!  There is a lot to live for!

A Coach, trainer and facilitator, and now a Cancer Warrior too, Meridee will share aspects of her story and provide you, as Coaches, with stories and suggestions that you can take with you to help others in this situation.  Cancer affects us all.

Anything is Possible

Julie Raine - Speaker
Julie Raine – Brightstar Emerging Speaker of the Year (NSANZ) 2019

Julie Raine left school at the age of 16 without the qualifications to progress to college. She set her first and longest career goal which has been the foundation to get her where she is today.

Julie had no idea the career challenges ahead of her as she started working as an Engineer in a male dominated environment. Which meant she had to find some confidence, make her own rules and most importantly believe in herself. Julie will share some of the lessons learnt and strategies that you can use immediately and have the confidence to say ‘Anything is Possible’.

You can attend this event for FREE  if you also register to attend the professional development. Click here for more details.