The Art of Happiness Masterclass

The Art of Happiness Masterclass

The Art of Happiness

Do you want to find and know how to hold onto happiness in a crazy and uncertain world?

We all want to be happy or happier than we are, that’s why we have goals and desires, because when you boil it down, that is what they will give you, happiness.

In a world where so much is beyond your control and where it can feel hard to find happiness, this masterclass will help you understand that your happiness is actually far more in your control than you possibly originally thought.

Your presenter, Jo Green, will be talking about how we keep ourselves from happiness and how to stop doing that.

Everything you learn at this masterclass is going to help you and your clients find more happiness too.


Join us live online on Monday 25th July 2022 at 6.15pm  to learn more about happiness and how to help you and your clients.

This masterclass is FREE to members of ANZCAL. For non-members the costs is just $30.

To register simply complete the form below and we will send you the details on how to join online.

Jo Green. Life Coach

Jo Green is certified Health and Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner and a Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

It’s her mission to help people and teams prioritise their well-being so that they can manage their actions and emotions and step towards emotional power with maximum success.

She provides realistic tools that will keep you motivated and help develop life-long healthy habits and happiness.

You can contact Jo via:


Web Site

Telephone+64 (0)21 199 5755