The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

Online Masterclass – 7pm, Tuesday 11th July 2023

Memory retention jumps from 5% to 65% when we use stories.

So are you being memorable?

Let’s help you find your tribe by telling stories to connect, inform and resonate with your audience.

Like the layering in a trifle where the fruit and sponge are the facts. the custard, jelly and chocolate sprinkles all add flavour, texture, colour – maybe even sound if you mmmm a lot – a good story grows the experience on multiple levels.

A memory can be triggered by any of the layers.  To be effective in telling our own story we need to make sure those layers are there.

Discover practical tips on how to add the chocolate sprinkles to your story so you stand out.


Join us live online on Tuesday 11th July 2023 @ 7.00 pm to learn more.

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About Your Presenter

Justine Storey, ANZCAL Professional Accredited Coach

Justine Storey  – ANZCAL Professional Coach

I’ve been a communicator for more than 3 decades. Starting in journalism when manual typewriters were a thing I’ve written for newspapers, local community papers, and trade magazines before moving into PR for the advertising industry in London. I’ve worked in internal comms teams, media, and digital and then stepped into leadership roles in communications and marketing teams for several national organisations.

In 2020 I qualified as a Breakthrough and Abundance Life Coach and started Orange Fox, working with people dissatisfied in their work life to step into careers that deliver on their sense of purpose and values. I’m at my best when I’m supporting others to recognize their value.

I’m a proud self-confessed crazy cat lady who once qualified as a Thai massage therapist, taught salsa and swam with sharks (not all at the same time but all are true) who can’t answer a simple yes/no question without giving you the backstory.