The POWER of Visualisation

The Power of Visualisation

By Ed Lester 

Visualisation is pretty much a misnomer as I’ll explain in a moment. But rest assured, when you master this simple technique, you’ll develop a personal super-power which few people possess.

You’ll be able to:

  • Get yourself into a peak mental state whenever you need to. (This is of course the perfect way to start every day and prepare yourself to “take on the world and win”)
  • Attract as many clients, opportunities and breakthroughs as you desire (This is SO valuable and I personally use it every day without fail)
  • Block out the toxic effects of negative people…scarcity…energy blocks…and issues of doubt and uncertainty

Sound good?

Excellent… Here’s what you need to do in 3 simple steps.

1.   Set specific outcomes and, just as importantly, a timeline.

Are you looking to feel inspired and unstoppable in 3 years? 3 months? 3 days? 3 hours? 3 minutes? or 3 seconds?

Because believe me, each one of those will come around surprisingly fast.

If you know what you want that’s great. If you know it’s going to happen, that’s even better. If you set a goal – that can be hit or miss. i.e. You shoot for a goal. It may go in it may not.

I prefer outcomes because they WILL happen.

As a coach you understand the power of the strategy “Ready, Fire, Aim”. In other words, just get started and we can adjust things afterwards.

So, are we visualising a big, shiny new home in 3 years with flower beds on display and kids running around playing and laughing? Or are we visualising YOU in 3 seconds jumping up and down with energy and ready to be the best life coach and change-agent in your city?

(Side note: A combined visualisation with various integrated timeline outcomes works perfectly well. In fact, it has quantum levels of power!)

Now you know what you want and when you want it to happen – set the picture. Just like on a TV screen but in what Maxwell Maltz famously named, “The Theatre Of The Mind”.

2.  Add other dimensions

Here’s why visualisation is actually really badly named. And why? If you’re like me, you may wish to think more in terms of “Manifestation”.

I’m personally appallingly lacking in the traditional skill of “visualisation”. In other words, seeing pictures in my brain. Technicolor, glowing, crystal-clear masterpieces.

I’d imagine anyone blind from birth would find the concept of pure visualisation extremely challenging.

For me, I have to have powerful FEELINGS. I can’t fire into a mental role in the same way a great actor can. I need to use a more visceral method.

You need to find YOUR way of creating an inspiring method that works for you too.

Think of it this way. Many actresses and actors visualise themselves in a role by making pictures. This helps them to change state and “live” the part. Lawrence Olivier had a different approach. He was an animal lover and used this love to his advantage. For instance, once whilst performing Shakespeare in Stratford, he needed to let out a pained scream on stage. So he thought about how they put salt on the ice to capture minks (mink coats were big in those days). The minks would lick the salt and their tongues would stick to the ice. The men would later come along and “pick” them off the ice like flowers. Apparently that night when Lord Olivier let out his scream, the whole building shook. Nobody ever forgot his performance.

My point is, your imagination will produce profound results for you. But just creating a picture might not be enough. You may need an internal movie, with dramatic feelings, emotions and even a rip-roaring soundtrack in order to create a great performance yourself.

3.  Optimise your new skill and put it to good use every single day

The biggest crime with visualisation is when people use it simply to “restore” their energy and feel relaxed. Visualisation needs to be used in the real world. In the trenches of day-to-day life. Learnt and practiced correctly it WILL change your life dramatically.

Three little tips:

1.  When you use visualisation to achieve the desired state of outcome focus, confidence and belief etc…Don’t forget to also build change and growth into the process. What will this do for you? What will change each day?

2.  Keep practicing but make it fun. In the movie Rocky, the main character was taught to train like a champion. The one distinction that really stood out compared to his traditional training routine? Always, always, be visualising “the eye of the tiger”. What’s your motif? Your unique inspirational picture or totem?

3.  Teach this to others. Show your clients, colleagues, family and friends how to become “Oscar standard” visualisation experts. In fact, anything you need to get great at, teach others and you’ll soon soar to the top of the class yourself.

And then you’ll be successful and joyous in everything you do!

Ed Lester

Ed is a hugely a sought-after trainer and presenter. His combination of skills and talents in the areas of clinical hypnosis, coaching, NLP and personal development, set him apart.  Ed is the Founder of NZ Life Coaching and NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy.

You can find out more about Ed, including his Abundance Coaching, at