Unlocking the Power of Possibility

Turas means ‘journey’ in Scottish Gaelic. I’m Lindsey Brittain, a proud Scot and I am Turas.

I believe everything in life is a journey – our leadership, our career, our business and our home life – and they’re all interconnected.  One small positive in one part ripples into another.  I also believe we have the right to enjoy our journey, get excited about what makes it great and make that a reality.

With 26 years’ in Marketing, Comms & Business under my belt, I’ve set up Turas to help leaders find the space, power & resilience to be remarkable in their own right.  To conquer the slog of stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy by powering up strategically, technically and emotionally to deliver real results at the highest level.  And in doing so – enjoy their journey.

Turas offers a holistic approach with solutions in all areas of your journey

* Leadership Coaching: To get on the front foot strategically, technically & emotionally.

* Career Coaching: To help you find your true purpose & passion and accelerate your path.

* Personal Coaching: To feel more fulfilled & balanced in your life.

* Workshops That Work: A shared learning experience that is immersive, fun and action-oriented.

Business Mentoring & Coaching: To help SME owners reignite their passion for their business & convert possibility into results for their bottom line.

It’s your journey – travel it well with Turas.


Lindsey Brittain

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