Unleash the Power of Neurodivergence

Unleash the Power of Neurodivergence: A Masterclass on Coaching Exceptional Minds

Online Masterclass – 7 pm, Thursday 26th October 2023


Given that neurodivergence affects 20% of the general population, and that masking is the most common coping strategy in our society, how can we recognise them?

Neurotypical understanding falls short when coaching neurodivergent individuals.

So, join us and unlock the power of neurodivergence in this masterclass.

Gain insights into ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, and other neurodivergences like Empaths, Gifted and Highly Sensitive People.

Discovering these unique perspectives is vital for effective coaching.

In this  masterclass you will also learn how to:

  1. Create safe spaces for neuro-minorities to unmask and engage with you as a coach.
  2. Embrace your personal neuro-diversity and understand and celebrate differences.
  3. Recognise when to refer to a specialist neurodivergence coach.


Join us live online on Thursday 26th October 2023 at 7.00 p.m. to learn more.

This masterclass is FREE to members of ANZCAL. For non-members the cost is just $30.  (Please make payment to the ANZCAL Bank Account 06-0193-0755142-00).

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About Your Presenter

Janine Felton Janine Felton – ANZCAL Professional Coach

Janine is a Professional Coach with past roles as a Chaplain, CEO, and Community Leader.

She specialises in coaching neuro-divergent teens and adults.

Janine also provides Professional Supervision to social workers.

Janine’s greatest roles have been mother and grandmother to four highly sensitive girls. She identifies as neurodivergent because she is an Empath, Gifted and a Highly Sensitive Person.

Janine is a practitioner of Abundance and Breakthrough Life Coaching, Neuro-Semantics, NLP, mBraining, and Mindfulness. She is a member of Rainbow Auckland and an Associate member of PSANZ (Professional Speakers Association of NZ).