Wellington Professional Development and Networking Event – Write-up

Wellington Mix and Mingle

By Christine Walter, ANZCAL

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, our vibrant capital city!  On 20 August we held our first Wellington Professional Development and Mix and Mingle.

The Professional Development was Using Values to Motivate Your Client which was led by myself.

Thanks to Jordan Shearer, we had two fantastic guest speakers at the event.

Kaylee Donald
Kaylee Donald

Kaylee Butters an expert in the marketing field, gave a wonderful and informative 45 minutes of Building A New Brand.  She reminded us that a brand is the set of expectations and memories we create for ourselves and our clients and that it is the personality of the business.  What did we want to be known for?

By understanding our personal brand values, what we stand for, what we value most, what we believe and what we like and why we like it, we can create a simple strategy for our branding.  This allows us to send messages to our clients which they will understand.

Of course, she also touched on spending the limited marketing dollar and the importance of measuring its usefulness.

Samantha Hannah
Samantha Hannah

Kaylee was followed by Samantha Hannah who has the Wellbeing Academy.  Samantha is passionate about mental wellbeing, particularly in young people and described herself as being “super passionate about mindfulness”.

Samantha shared with us the challenges young people are facing in life and filled her talk with wonderful ideas and anecdotes of how we can be of assistance.  I noted as I listened “whatever brings someone in to open talking, accept it”.  So, no matter how you come in to contact with someone with a mental health challenge, accept it and help them to create resilience.  And, the essence of resilience is mindfulness.

The recording of these two marvelous ladies’ talks is in the Members Resources section. Take time to listen, I know it will be worthwhile for you.

As always, our speakers donated their time to us.  We offered our thanks by making donations to their favourite charities, Ronald McDonald House and Lifeline.

As a side note, I must share the elevator doors of the very cheap and cheerful Astra Hotel.  The Doctor Who theme was the icing on the wonderful evening cake.

Dalek Lift Door