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Are YOU looking for a Wellness Coach?  Then look no further than an ANZCAL Accredited Professional Coach. 

Spring Coaching – Josie Askin

Josie Askin, Wellness Coach
Josie Askin

Are you feeling frazzled and worn out? Does life feel like a bad roller-coaster ride?

Josie will help you off the roller-coaster through small sustainable steps that will give you more energy, joy and kindness in your life.

Josie uses the lessons she learnt from her own journey to wellness to help successful, busy people feel more balanced through small steps. She takes a progress over perfection mindset and focuses on the things you can control.

Josie has qualifications and experience in psychology,  professional coaching, nutrition, sports training and pilates. This gives her a holistic approach to wellness covering movement, nutrition and mindset. You are how you move eat and think.

She specialises in supporting those who usually puts others needs first, and has a particular interest in helping athletes, and those with endometriosis, fertility issues and menopause.

Josie has over 15 years’ experience working in corporate environments in a range of advisory roles, including most recently at WorkSafe New Zealand. She knows the challenges office life can bring to health and wellbeing. Josie is an experienced long-distance runner, pilates teacher and yogi.

Josie is known for her gentle, joyful and empowering approach. She knows how to bring the best out of people. Services include individual wellness coaching, workplace wellness workshops and leadership coaching, and pilates.

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