Welcome to the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance

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Our mission is to empower and support professional coaches across Australia and New Zealand to make a positive and profound difference in the lives of others.

We believe in our coaches fully and are here to support them. Our coaches are authentic, progressive, proactive people with a vision to make a difference in their communities by assisting people to make positive life changes, transformations and to reach their potential.  We are about making a positive difference, one person at a time.

We also know that coaching occurs in many different ways and across many different platforms.  It can be from a teacher who believes in their students’ potential or a team leader or manager who takes the time to connect with their team members; or it might be a sports coach who just wants the players to believe in their ability as much as the coach does.  So the Alliance is about supporting all of the coaches out there, not only Life Coaches but Managers, health workers, customer service people – anyone who wants to leave their legacy in a positive way. We are here to empower coaches and quality coaching no matter how it occurs.

Benefits of Joining Our Organisation

By joining our organisation you will:

  • Enjoy the support of a growing organisation dedicated to your success and professional fulfilment
  • Obtain professional accreditation and certification as a Coach and use the ANZCAL accreditation level logo in your marketing materials and on your website
  • If you are setting up your own coaching business we offer marketing and promotional resources and assistance to support you in finding your own clients to build a thriving and sustainable coaching practice
  • Have access to our coaching referral service allowing you to promote yourself through our website and network
  • Have access to our closed ANZCAL Facebook group for sharing ideas, knowledge and receiving support from like-minded people
  • Enjoy regular newsletters and have the opportunity to contribute to these
  • Access future masterclass coaching training sessions and online workshops
  • Receive “membership pricing” to ANZCAL coaching events and gatherings

And know, this is just for starters, there is more to come!

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ANZCAL Events Coming Up

Techniques to Build Resilience and Cultivate Mental Wellbeing 

Online Workshop – Thursday 11th August 2-5pm

Our Mental Minds

This three hour workshop,  run by Jordan Shearer-Grimmett,  takes a deep dive into some of the techniques presented at a recent masterclass.

It will cover:

  • Body scan: How to develop your own script and visualisation exercises for a person to promote body, stress, and relaxation awareness.
  • Bucket Model of Resilience: How to use this technique to coach a person into a place of resilience and positive change.
  • The Boat Metaphor: Comprehensive step-by-step descriptions to be able to use this tool with people to elicit drivers for change, create meaningful goals, and foster mental well-being in all areas of life.
  • Safety Plan: How to identify when someone is experiencing mental distress, what to do if you are worried someone is having suicidal thoughts, who to refer to, and how to complete a safety plan for someone.

Click here to find out more and to register.

Pay it Forward!!

Kat and EllaANZCAL believe in philanthropy and paying it forward and are pleased to advise that they have contributed to: